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Legal Services & Mediation

Residential property, Commercial property and Social Housing all have their own individual issues when it comes to landlord and tenant law.


As a specialist and highly experienced property lawyer, with over 19 years experience, Naveen, along with his other chamber members and team, can provide expert legal analysis, advice, and representation in relation to all aspects of landlord and tenancy issues, as well as Property/Real Estate Law.  


Litigation isn’t always the only way of resolving disputes between landlords and tenants. In fact, you don’t need a Judge to decide on many issues; instead they can be sorted out through constructive dialogue and mediation.


Mediation contains more practical options than litigation and if a settlement is not reached in mediation the parties are still free to go to court. If a case is already in the process of litigation, courts will often allow a stay (a break) in order for mediation to take place.


Please click below for more detail on each of the services that Naveen Agnihotri can provide, or contact us for further information.

Commercial Property

When renting a commercial property there are a number of areas where legal support and representation may be required, from ensuring that a commercial tenancy agreement is drafted correctly to issues with lease renewals, break rights, surrender of contracts, and rent reviews. Leases for commercial properties are often complex and seeking expert advice can avoid costly mistakes and can assist in resolving an issue quickly.

Whether you are embarking on a new lease or need legal representation in relation to an existing lease we can help.

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Fields of Expertise

Business Tenancies

Lease renewals

Break rights



Licences to occupy

Interim rent

Farm business tenancies

Compensation (improvements and disturbance)


Termination of tenancy

Rent review


Repairing obligations


Joint tenants and Tenants in Common




Obstruction of right to light

Rights of way

Boundary disputes

Party Wall Act

Adverse possession


Quiet enjoyment



Agricultural Holdings


Commercial Property Law

Residential Property

Unfortunately, as an owner of one or more properties that you let, or as a tenant in a rented property, you may encounter issues which will lead to you needing legal representation. Being involved in a property dispute, maybe, such as having to evict a tenant for non-payment of rent, or addressing unfair contract terms or a deposit dispute can be stressful, so it is important to have experienced representation that can help you sort out the issue quickly and cost effectively.


Often by instructing a public access barrister directly the process is quicker and more cost effective, than starting the process via a solicitor.

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Fields of Expertise

Possession claims


Assured shorthold tenancy

Anti-Social Behaviour

Tenancy agreements

Claims against trespassers

Claims to enforce charging orders by sale

Mortgage claims



Notice to quit

Assured tenancies

Resident landlord

Secure tenancies

Non-payment of rent (arrears)

Breach of covenant

Unlawful eviction

Quiet enjoyment

Unfair contract terms

Service charges

Houses in Multiple Occupation (HMO’s) 

Periodic tenancy 



Taking control of goods 


Student lettings 




Guarantor’s obligations



Right to Buy

Gas and electrical appliances

Furniture and Furnishings


Demoted tenancies

Introductory tenancies



Residential Property Law

Social Housing

Naveen represents Registered Housing Providers and Local Authorities with landlord and tenant issues arising from social housing, and can assist with representing parties at the County Court, High Court and Tribunals for hearings, applications, trials, appeals as well as Judicial Review cases. 


He offers a fixed fee written Advice service to social landlords where they’re seeking a legal opinion on a matter. He is often asked to provide this as a second opinion where there is uncertainty around the best course to follow having initially sought advice from in-house / panel solicitors. 


Naveen regularly speaks at seminars and provides bespoke training. He has presented updates on subjects such Allocations, Temporary Accommodation and Homelessness for the the Chartered Institute of Housing [CIH].


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Fields of Expertise


Anti-Social Behaviour [ASB]



Closure Orders


Breach of covenant

Judicial Review / Appeals

Social Housing Law


Mediation contains more practical options than litigation and if a settlement is not reached in mediation the parties are still free to go to court. If a case is already in the process of litigation, courts will often allow a stay (a break) in order for mediation to take place.


Mediation is confidential and highly effective and is also less stressful, quicker and invariably cheaper than court proceedings.

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Mediation can often be arranged with only a few days’ notice.  This service offers a speedy, flexible and cost effective means of resolving disputes, and can be flexibly tailored to suit people and organisations, taking commercial and personal needs into account. 


The fees paid to a mediator (and lawyer if you choose to use one to prepare for/attend your mediation) are usually quite low in proportion to the amounts in dispute.

For a free no obligation discussion about whether mediation would be appropriate for your particular property dispute, then please contact us.

Mediation Services
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